Academic Policies

Admission to RISD Degree Programs

Admission to RISD Summer Programs neither implies nor guarantees admission to a RISD degree program. Those students interested in admission to full-time RISD undergraduate or graduate degree programs must follow the procedures established by the RISD Admissions office. For further information, please call Admissions at 401 454-6300. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, ET.


Veterans should apply directly to the Veterans Administration (VA) Regional Office to verify that their programs of study qualify for VA benefits. A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA confirming that benefits have been approved for the student’s chosen course(s) must accompany the student’s registration.

Grades + Credit

Student work in all credit-bearing courses is evaluated through letter grades from the faculty. (Grades of “Incomplete” are not allowed.) Grades are mailed approximately four to six weeks after the semester ends, but they are withheld if the student owes fees to any RISD department (such as the library). Please be sure to settle accounts promptly. Transcripts are not available until grades are sent out. Grades are mailed to the address on the registration form. Please update the mailing address if it is changed over the summer.

Grade Review + Change
For guidelines regarding requests for an academic grade review, please contact RISD|CE at 401 454-6200. Please note that grades are subject to revision by the instructor, with the approval of the Associate Director, Enrollment + Operations, through November 17, 2017. After that time, all grades become a permanent part of the academic record and cannot be changed.

Acceptance + Transfer of Credits
Rhode Island School of Design Division of Continuing Education (CE) offers credit-bearing courses during the summer session only. While the credit offered by CE is distinct from credit courses offered in RISD degree programs, CE is in compliance with all relevant NASAD guidelines concerning the number of required contact hours mandated for credit courses.

Students from institutions other than RISD: It is at the discretion of the student’s home institution to make decisions about what credits it will accept. We suggest that prior to registering, students consult with their department or academic advisor for confirmation that the course credit will be accepted and meet their individual academic requirements. Students who are not RISD matriculated students may transfer the credit earned from CE Summer Studies courses to their home institution by requesting an official transcript. Students should also retain copies of all course syllabi to present to their institution for assessment of course content for consideration of course waivers or acceptance as credit.

RISD Matriculated Students: RISD|CE credit is treated as transfer credit by RISD’s undergraduate degree programs. Although the course is recorded in the student’s transcript, the grade is not; nor is the grade counted in the calculation of the student’s GPA. Different policies apply regarding the transferring of RISD|CE credit to RISD degree programs, depending on whether the student is an undergraduate or a graduate student, and on whether the course is a studio course or a liberal arts course, as follows:

RISD Undergraduate Students: RISD undergraduates are not permitted to transfer more than 12 credit hours towards their degree from outside of the RISD degree program, including those from the RISD|CE Summer Programs. Those students interested in taking a CE Summer Programs course must obtain approval from their Department Head or major advisor before enrolling in one of these courses for non-major elective credit, making sure to get the appropriate signature on the Summer Undergraduate Credit Pre-Approval form, available in the RISD Registrar’s Office and the Continuing Education Office at 345 South Main Street. This form must be submitted to the RISD Registrar’s Office. Summer Studies transcripts for RISD undergraduates are automatically sent to the Registrar’s Office after grades have been processed.

RISD Graduate Students: Transfer credits from outside the RISD Graduate Degree Programs — including RISD|CE Summer Programs courses — are not ordinarily accepted by RISD. Check with your Graduate Program Director or Department Head for more information.

Transcripts for Non-RISD Students
RISD|CE now uses Parchment to process transcript requests. You may order paper transcripts or e-transcripts with this service. To order official transcripts, please visit the Parchment Transcript Request page.


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