Nathan Friedman is a practicing architect in Mexico City and cofounder of the design practice Departamento del Distrito, working at the intersection of politics, identity and the built environment. His research on the 19th-century constitution of the US-Mexico border was recently presented through the exhibition Attending Limits at the WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles and the Bibliowicz Family Gallery, Cornell University with support from the Graham Foundation. His writing has been published in Art Journal, MAS Context, Scapegoat and Manifest. Friedman is a former editor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Thresholds and has previously worked for Eisenman Architects, SMAQ Berlin and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam, focusing on a contemporary art museum in the heart of Moscow’s Gorky Park. He holds an MS from the Department of History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture and Art at MIT and a BArch from Cornell University.