Financial Policies

Changes, Cancellations and Class Postponements

RISD reserves the right to cancel courses, or to alter fees, scheduling or staffing of courses. If a particular program or course is cancelled, students are informed of the course cancellation as far in advance as possible.

Withdrawals + Refunds
To officially withdraw, submit written notification to the Associate Director for Enrollment + Operations in the RISD|CE office, either by email to, in person, or by mail or fax. Refunds are calculated according to the schedules below, and are based on the date the written request is received in the CE Office or, if mailed, the date of the postmark. Refunds may take up to six weeks to process. Refunds are issued in the form of a check and payable to the student. Failure to properly withdraw from a course results in a permanent grade of F on the student’s record.

Important: Simply notifying the instructor or failing to complete a course does not constitute official withdrawal.

RISD refunds tuition and fee payments in full for registrations that are not accepted or for which registration is closed. No tuition is refunded to students who are asked to leave a program for a violation of school policies or regulations. Tuition deposits, housing and dining deposits, and lab and registration fees are nonrefundable. The percentage of the tuition and housing/dining fees refunded, minus deposits, any transaction fees, and lab and registration fees, depends on the date the written request is received in the CE office.

six-week courses
by three weeks prior to start of class: 100%
by one week prior to start of class: 80%
during the first week of class: 60%
during the second week of class: 40%
after the second week of class: no refund

two-week courses or shorter schedules
From date of your registration until one week prior to start of class: 100%
during the week prior to the start of class: 50%
beginning the first day of class: no refund

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