Summer Programs Registration


All participants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, and be 18 years old or older. Knowledge of the English language is essential and is required of all students. International students not enrolled in the RISD degree program must achieve a minimum test score on an English proficiency exam (see the International Student Information page for more details).

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT INFORMATION: All Non-US Citizens + Non-US Permanent Residents Go Here first BEFORE Registering.

International Student Information

How to Register + Payment Schedule

All participants must complete and submit the applicable Registration Form. If you register by Friday, April 7, 2017 you may submit a deposit and be billed for the balance (international students see payment terms at International Student Information page). Balance payment instructions will be noted on your bill. (Note: Credit card transactions incur a 2.99% service fee.) Subsequent payments are made through RISD’s Tuition Management System. All accounts must be paid in full before a student can attend classes. Be sure to complete the forms carefully, as incomplete forms cannot be processed.

Registrations received after April 7, 2017 must include tuition and fees in full. As long as spaces are available and until classes begin, students may continue to register. Please be aware that early registration increases students’ chances of placement in the courses of their choice. Late registrations may jeopardize processing of required forms and documentation.

Confirmation of Registration

Once registered, each student will receive a series of emails to confirm and update their registration status. The following is a list of the emails students will receive:

1. Confirmation Letter (sent to students shortly after registering and payment has been processed). This letter will confirm the course(s) in which you are enrolled and include links to downloadable required forms that must be completed and received by RISD prior to your arrival on campus. These forms and instructions include:

  • Health Form (Note: The Health Form requires extensive student health information, a physician’s authorization and signature. Please review this information immediately and plan accordingly in order to return the form by the deadline.)
  • Short-Term Medical Insurance Information
  • Campus ID Card Instructions
  • Summer Programs Student Handbook

2. Course Schedule  (sent to students approximately one week before the start of classes, provided the registration is paid in full). Copies of course schedules also may be picked up at the Check-in event or at the Continuing Education office on the first day of class.

3. Directions and Arrival Information (sent to students near the start of classes)

  • Directions to Campus
  • Arrival Instructions
  • Campus Map

Housing and Dining:
If you are a residential student, you will receive an email from the Residence Life Office with a link and instructions to confirm your housing and dining. Once you have received the email, please contact the Residence Life Office with any questions about housing and dining.

Waiting List:
If the course for which you register is full or unavailable, your name is automatically placed on a waiting list, and you will be contacted by email and/or phone.

For More Information:
If you still have questions after reading the appropriate form, call 401 454-6200.