This hands-on course teaches designers how to conceive, prototype and program websites. In order to better understand the possibilities and constraints of browser-based design, participants of this course learn how to build websites for a variety of digital devices. After several short exercises, students design and hand-code a static portfolio website. Participants leave with knowledge of HTML, CSS and GitHub, as well as improved web imaging skills, an understanding of web-based typography, and a more critical eye for design. Special emphasis is placed on user experience (UX), user interface design, information architecture and interaction design. This course is open to designers of all levels, including opportunities for intermediate and advanced students to build upon previous experience. Student laptop required with the following specifications and English language software loaded: latest version MacOS (preferred) or Windows, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Course specific requirements will be discussed and additional software downloaded during class. Students in all SIGDS courses pay for their own printing and can expect to spend $75 or more depending on the course and desired outcomes.

Course #0742 (section 2)

Schedule 3
July 21–Aug 2, 2019
9 am–4 pm

Tuition $2,975
Tuition for RISD Alumni and Students $2,380

3 Credits