Footwear Explorations: Sandal + Sneaker Design course

Footwear Explorations: Sandals + Beyond

Footwear of all types, initially created in early civilization for comfort and protection, evolved to become a symbol of status, style and identity. In this concentrated course, students learn techniques and tools to design and complete two footwear projects from start to finish with focus on exploration of techniques and materials. Beginning by learning essential shoe form, students then develop their basic design (function versus fiction) and are introduced to the fundamentals of patterning, as well as knife and tool skills. Students learn the basics of hand stitching and are introduced to industrial sewing machine use if needed. The first project focuses on the elemental form of a sandal, with the expanded possibility of creating an unlined mule or slip-on. Explorations of materials and techniques such as dyeing, molding and etching further refine the shoe creation and inform potential for the second design. The primary material is vegetable-tanned leather for its unique properties; however, students are welcome to explore alternative and additional materials throughout the process. For the second project students dive deeper into footwear design and making techniques to build upon skills and explore the sculptural possibilities of the material. Throughout the course, students keep a sketchbook to document concept development and accumulate inspiration and resources to help define their personal intention. Upon completion, students will have developed a solid foundation of knowledge and skills allowing them to expand upon for future footwear. No previous sewing skills required.

Course #1161
Anne Marika Verploegh Chassé

Schedule 2
July 8–19, 2019
9 am–4 pm

Tuition $2,975
Tuition for RISD Alumni and Students $2,380

3 Credits


Anne Marika Verploegh Chassé

Anne Marika Verploegh Chassé is a shoemaker, designer and artisan from Switzerland and the Netherlands. For more than ten years she has been building made-to-measure, hand-sewn footwear employing traditional techniques in her atelier in Brooklyn, NY. Fascinated by the physicality of the making process, and the challenge of combining design, math, ergonomics and artistry, she has studied all over the world with skilled master-craftsmen to learn the craft. In her new workroom :|STIEFELwerk|: (meaning "bootwork"), she creates bespoke and custom boots – a personal favorite – as well as shoes for individual clients. Her fine arts background bleeds into her designs. Examples include bold lines, curves, handstitched details, multicolor rows of threads and leather surfaces marked by nature. In addition to working with a wide variety of clients, she has been teaching footwear design and construction at Rhode Island School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology.