Advanced Creative Coding - RISD Summer Programs course

Advanced Creative Coding

This advanced creative coding course focuses on computational techniques and ideas in the context of art and design, and is tailored to students already comfortable with coding. Programming topics will be introduced: from creating visualizations and animations based on simulations of natural phenomena, to interactive and generative applications that use online data. We will apply our programming skills to the field of physical computing with the open-source Arduino platform, design advanced audio-visualization interfaces, learn the foundations of web-based virtual reality (VR), and engage with emerging techniques of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The course is structured as a series of lectures, critiques and hands-on projects culminating in a final project. We will use free and professional languages and platforms such as Arduino, A-Frame, p5.js, Processing and for machine learning. Students will finish the course with a deeper understanding of the emerging digital technologies that will shape the practice of art making and design in the years to come.

Prerequisite: Basic/medium knowledge of Java/Processing or C++

RISD degree students: Please speak to your CTC advisor before enrolling. This course offers 3 transfer credits with pre-approval from your department head or major advisor using the Prior Approval for Transfer Credit Form. Submit the signed form to the Registrar’s office and then complete the online course registration.

Technology requirements:

  • This class will be taught through our online course management platform (CE Link).
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Course #4084
Mattia Casalegno

Online Course
June 22–July 31, 2020

Tuition $2,200
3 Credits


Mattia Casalegno

Mattia Casalegno is an award-winning visual artist working in a range of media, from interactive installations and live media to kinetic sculptures and virtual reality. He exhibited internationally in festivals and museums, including MACRO, Auditorium, RomaEuropa and Netmage in Italy; Mutek in Canada; Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan; ISEA in South Korea; Chronus Art Center in China; Cimatics and Nuit Blanche in Belgium; Le Cube Museum in France; and the Satellite Fair, AxS Festival, YAA Museum and LACMA in the US. His work has been featured on media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Art Tribune, the Creators Projects, Creative Applications, Hyperallergic, and more. Casalegno is a critic for RISD’s Experimental and Foundation Studies department, and also teaches for Pratt Institute’s Digital Arts department. Previously he taught at CUNY and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.