This course enables students to explore both the conceptual and practical realms of architecture through a series of studio projects, with supporting lecture content. Discussions focus on how experience, daily use, culture and aesthetics influence the field of architectural design, while studio projects develop a creative yet rigorous design process through drawing, model making, and critique. Initially, students complete design exercises that develop understandings of three-dimensional form, material properties, architectural scale, and spatial experience. As the course progresses, students apply these principles to a site-specific design project with programmatic needs. Individuals with or without design experience are welcome, as projects are suitable to each student’s background.

Course #0221

Schedule A
June 24–July 30, 2019
Mondays + Tuesdays
9 am–4 pm

Tuition $2,975
Tuition for RISD Alumni and Students $2,380

3 Credits