RISD Summer Programs course- Introduction to Sculpture: Form and Formless Material

Introduction to Sculpture: Form and Formless Material

This course serves as an introduction to sculpture, not only as mediums and processes, but to ideas, histories, and narratives. Emphasis is placed on the exploration and experimentation with materials with presupposed form (wood, stone, readymade) and those materials in need of casting or forming (plaster, wet clay, paper pulp). Lectures, demonstrations, discussions and critiques are supplemented with readings and short material exercises that inform and expand upon myriad possibilities in contemporary sculpture. Students learn methods of joining, carving and casting to inform their decision-making and conceptualizing process. Essential elements of proportion, scale, installation, interpretation and context are covered to further support students in the development of two independent projects that reflect their own voice and direction.

Photo by Jo Sittenfeld

RISD degree students: This course offers 3 transfer credits with pre-approval from your department head using the Prior Approval for Transfer Credit Form. Submit the signed form to the Registrar’s office and then complete the online course registration.

Course #9099
Daniel Zentmeyer

Schedule B
June 24–July 30, 2021
Thursdays + Fridays, 10 am–1 pm ET
Online, Live

Tuition $2,300
3 Credits


Daniel Zentmeyer

Daniel Zentmeyer received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MFA from Tyler School of Art. He currently works in sculpture, performance, video and writing to collect moments in which objects act as armature for a social life that falls outside the logic of profit. His work has been shown nationally and internationally in cities such as Wilmington, NC; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA and Haukijärvi, Finland. He has previously held positions as adjunct faculty in sculpture, ceramics and art history at Tyler School of Art, Rowan University and RISD.