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Fabric Sculpture Course

Fabric Sculpture: Flexible Form + Dimension

Contemporary sculpture and architecture utilize fabrics, fibers and textile materials in myriad ways. As a medium for fine art work, and in particular sculptural forms, installations and public art, it has gained significant notoriety. As a flexible medium for interior architectural applications, textiles are used to define space, buffer sound and harness energy. For architectural exteriors, viable tensile, soft and inflatable structures create organically inspired surfaces and forms that address issues of durability, strength and environment. Additionally, recent changes in climate and world politics have created demand for flexible, portable shelters and emergency structures for growing nomadic populations. This course begins by expanding upon and pushing against the inherent properties of fabrics to create hanging and freestanding sculptures and membrane surfaces using armatures, stands, and “gravity fighting” possibilities. Further investigation of fabric properties gives consideration to the transformation of a two-dimensional material into a three-dimensional structure or object. In addition to the construction of sculptural forms and tectonic works, students learn a variety of techniques that disrupt or manipulate fabric surfaces, such as heat-setting synthetics, cutting/carving industrial felt and using hardener. Students develop a collection of sketches, inspirations and material samples that inform the final design or artwork.

Course #1303
Harel Kedem

Schedule A
June 26 – August 1
Mondays + Tuesdays
9am-4:30pm (no class 7/4)

Tuition $2,750
Tuition for RISD Alumni and Students $2,475
Lab Fee $10

3 credits



Harel Kedem

Harel Kedem: BFA and B.Arch, RISD; MAAS, MIT. Harel is a painter, sculptor and architect whose works include environmental art such as public sculptures, monuments and fountains, as well as exhibits in international museums and galleries. He taught at MIT and Harvard, and currently teaches at RISD. He currently resides and works in Boston, Massachusetts and Tel Aviv, Israel.