Color + Dimension Through Materials textiles course

Color + Dimension Through Materials

For centuries, scientists and artists alike have sought to understand and utilize color, attempting to harness both its physical and psychological qualities. Contemporary sculpture and architecture utilize fabrics, fibers and textile materials in myriad ways. This course gives students the opportunity to explore textiles utilizing both color and form to create a personal body of work. Students work with paint and ink on paper and canvas to explore the fundamental properties of additive and reflective color. Students then move on to investigate more contemporary color challenges by replacing traditional image making media with fabric and other textile materials in order to consider broader issues such as optical blending, moire and dimensional effects. Mark-making techniques may include block printing, stenciling and monoprinting to create collage, serial collections, colorways and embellishments.

Students may then expand upon and push against the inherent properties of the material into three-dimensional structures through hanging and freestanding sculptures and membrane surfaces using armatures, stands and “gravity fighting” possibilities. Additional techniques that disrupt or manipulate fabric surfaces, such as heat-setting synthetics, cutting/carving industrial felt and using hardener may further develop the work. Students strengthen their concepts through a collection of sketches, inspirations and material samples that inform the final design or artwork. Through process and experimentation, students come away with a richer understanding of the use of color and form applicable to other mediums. Note: This course is experimental in nature and suited to meet individual interests. Students may ultimately choose to work in only 2-D or 3-D, or a combination of both.

Course #1310
Harel Kedem

Schedule B
June 27–Aug 2, 2019
Thursdays + Fridays
9 am–4:30 pm (no class 7/4)

Tuition $2,975
Tuition for RISD Alumni and Students $2,380

3 Credits


Harel Kedem

Harel Kedem: BFA and B.Arch, RISD; MAAS, MIT. Harel is a painter, sculptor and architect whose works include environmental art such as public sculptures, monuments and fountains, as well as exhibits in international museums and galleries. He taught at MIT and Harvard, and currently teaches at RISD. He currently resides and works in Boston, Massachusetts and Tel Aviv, Israel.