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Color Through Materials Course

Color Through Materials

For centuries, scientists and artists alike have sought to understand and utilize color, attempting to harness both its physical and psychological qualities. In this course, students concentrate on developing their own color perceptions, observations and application through lectures and hands-on investigations of color theories (past and present), media and materials. Initially, students work with paint on paper and canvas to explore the fundamental properties of additive and reflective color. Students then move on to investigating more contemporary color challenges by replacing paint with fabric and other textile materials in order to consider broader issues such as optical blending, moire and dimensional effects inherent to the material. Techniques include block printing, stenciling and monoprinting to create 2D work such as collage, serial collections, colorways and embellishments, as well as some shaped surfaces and 3D objects. Students are challenged to explore the potential qualities of color by defining emotion, atmosphere, and spatial and compositional properties allowing for the creation of an impactful art or design final project. Through process and experimentation, students come away with a richer understanding of the use of color applicable to any media.

Course #1300
Harel Kedem

Schedule B
June 29 – August 4
Thursdays + Fridays

Tuition $2,750
Tuition for RISD Alumni and Students $2,475
Lab Fee $10

3 Credits



Harel Kedem

Harel Kedem: BFA and B.Arch, RISD; MAAS, MIT. Harel is a painter, sculptor and architect whose works include environmental art such as public sculptures, monuments and fountains, as well as exhibits in international museums and galleries. He taught at MIT and Harvard, and currently teaches at RISD. He currently resides and works in Boston, Massachusetts and Tel Aviv, Israel.